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Nude at EuroShop

Nude exhibited three new ranges at Euroshop 2017

The Articulated Head is an original design by Nude, with a head that can be tilted up, down and side to side, mimicking the positions of real-life movement. The unusual mannequin design, a first for the brand, opens up new possibilities for mannequin display, bringing an increased realness to windows and in–store environments.

The Transform torso was created as a collection of three-quarter torsos – two female and one male – designed to be used as an alternative to full mannequins in windows and in-store accessories displays. The torso splits into sections that can be used as a pant form, bust form and separate head.

And finally, a collection of three half-torso mannequins based on Nude’s distinctive En Pointe range were designed as a showcase for clothing and accessories. The collection is available with Nude’s articulated head system and in any fabric or finish, with various arm options and bespoke bases.

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