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Michael Kors – Fall Lifestyle

This critically acclaimed Michael Kors Fall Lifestyle scheme was developed and produced by sfd across the UK & Europe. 

This scheme celebrated Michael Kors’ latest handbag range and has been rolled out in over 10 countries around the globe, featuring in nearly 100 windows across 50 stores. sfd worked in close collaboration with Michael Kors’ to deliver a versatile display, changing as each new product was introduced. 

Custom oversized chains, hand polished metalwork and specialist fabric techniques were used in the production of this scheme, delivering the stopping power that the new ranges deserved. 

Alongside the larger window elements, internal display props complimented the new range with smaller handbag shapes and solid jewel props being utilised to display product throughout the store and in the smaller windows. The scheme will be in store from July 2018 through to October 2018.

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