Jaguar Virtual Actual Reality

Virtual or Actual Reality.

With our fascination with virtual reality, which we will be using on our stand at Euroshop but more on that later, we came across a video of Jaguar’s VR experiment at the Big Boys’ Toys Expo in New Zealand in 2016. The experiment subsequently picked up four awards at the 2016 Cannes Lions Awards.

Visitors were invited to take part in their virtual simulator experience of the British car manufacturer’s high performance F-TYPE model. Once in the ‘simulator’, which looked exactly like an F-TYPE car, unsuspecting visitors put on their VR headsets to see a virtual track and were warned that the car would move with the hydraulic motor underneath the platform to mimic the motion of the simulated drive. What they then didn’t see was a professional driver taking the seat next to them and speeding off… check out the video to see the experiment and the volunteers’ hilarious reactions.


Video Credit: Jaguar New Zealand


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