Euroshop stand materials

Stand Designs.

Our stand at Euroshop 2017 has been developed as a way to inform, surprise and start discussion about sfd, Nude and Our House. The initial direction was to create an architectural statement within a sea of monotonous exhibition stands.

With that in mind, we envisioned materials commonly found in construction being used in a new way, challenging the norm to develop an impactful and impressive structure while keeping its aesthetic simple and pared back. To achieve this we have used complementary finishes and materials, all carefully considered to ensure our vision was executed in a way that would fulfill our needs and wants, leaving a lasting impression for our visitors.

Clever architectural references and considerations allow visitors to recognise our eye for detail.

Euroshop stand materials

The terrazzo details add a touch of playfulness to the environment whilst allowing us to showcase one of favourite finishes. The interior exposed steel framework shows off the skeleton of the build, while the opal polycarbonate encloses the structure and creates backdrops to display on the inside, and creates curiosity from the outside through light and shadows. Muted grey finishes, with black and grey stained MDF, add to the calm simplicity of the interior, with an intended aesthetic.

Now all we need to do is build it. We look forward to welcoming you.

Euroshop stand materials

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