Euroshop sketch

sfd at Euroshop 2017.

For Euroshop 2017, sfd is developing a space that is designed to inform, surprise and start discussion about the sfd brands. To give you a sense of what to expect, we are pleased to share some sketches and information about our ambitious design. We look forward to welcoming you in March.

The project

The initial direction was to create an architectural statement within a sea of monotonous exhibition stands. Using materials commonly found in construction, the challenge was to develop an impactful and impressive structure while keeping its aesthetic simple and pared back. The entire experience was considered in the initial brief, with sensory additions – most noticeably scent and temperature – generating a welcoming, calming environment that complemented the physical space.

Clever way-finding techniques allow self-navigation and this was key to creating an informative journey for visitors who won’t be met by our team until they are inside the stand’s core. sfd’s vision, communicated from the outside and throughout, builds momentum as the visitor moves through the structure and becomes more familiar with the brand. Designing and developing marketing material, packaging and products all went hand in hand with the design of the space to ensure a strong and cohesive brand message.

Euroshop, the world’s premier retail trade fair, runs 5-9 March 2017 in Dusseldorf. sfd concept sketch of their exhibition stand


The experience

The identity continues to every area of the internal space. Printed material, packaging – even the mats that drinks will be placed on (yes, there’s beer) – will carry the sfd branding. The interconnection of every part of the visitors’ experience – everything they see and touch – has been considered, giving them a familiarity with sfd, even if it is brand new to them.


The brand

As visitors leave, they will receive a bag containing further information about the company to digest at a later time, all fully designed in-house. The branding remains consistent with every part of the Euroshop space, allowing them to easily remember the experience and recognise the brand through its strong and consistent identity.

Euroshop, the world’s premier retail trade fair, runs 5-9 March 2017 in Dusseldorf.