Smile Plastics

Plastic Smile.

From the Design Museum to Selfridges, we discover the recycled material that designers are turning to.

Offering a sustainable option to a traditionally unsustainable material, Smile Plastics creates specialist handmade panels from recycled plastics. Each panel uses plastics from a variety of sources which are arranged by hand onto frames, making unique and unusual designs.

Smile PlasticsAvailable to buy in ready-made sheets, or customisable depending on your needs and colour requirements, the plastic can be used in any way that plastic is normally used. With clients from construction companies to jewellery and furniture designers, Smile is becoming the go to supplier in the industry. The product has already been used in a range of buildings and shopfits and can be seen in locations like the V&A, the Design Museum and the Tate Gallery, as well as retailers like Selfridges, Liberty and Paul Smith.

Smile Plastics
The materials, all entirely recycled and recyclable, are sourced from items as diverse as wellies, mobile phones and yoghurt pots. But this is no new idea. With 20 years experience in their craft, Smile took over from the pioneering recycling agency, Made of Waste which operated between 1992 and 1999. Set up by Jane Atfield to recycle post-consumer squeezy bottles and other waste plastics into decorative construction panels, Made of Waste’s materials were used all over the world. After being acquired by its current owners in 2015, and subsequently launching their range at London Design Festival, Smile continues to go from strength to strength offering their bespoke recycled materials consultancy and development service as well as custom design and build services.

Smile PlasticsWith the ability to be cut, drilled, heat formed or polished to look like marble, we don’t think we’ll be the only ones wondering what we can create with Smile.

Photo Credit: Smile Plastics

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