Listen to Leisure

Listen to Leisure.

With summer days just around the corner – we hope – our playlists are starting to favour upbeat, cheerful vibes to take us into long, sunny days and festival season. Kiwi five piece, Leisure, are providing exactly that in a beautiful musical masterpieces. “There were three main things – mean groove, melodies, and not to f**k around and get to the point. Those became our main principles.” The Auckland-based band’s Jaden told Dummy Magazine.  

They make music at their own pace, refusing to overexpose themselves and keeping outside influences to a minimum. They rarely tour which makes seeing their organic process come to life on stage even more exciting, if you ever get the chance!

Comprised of producers and songwriters, Leisure’s high-quality tracks go feature breathy vocals and addictive bass lines that blend into the driving beats. We challenge you to not feel just a little bit summery after listening to the synth-funk of Take it to the Top, perfect for that lazy, sunny Sunday.


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