Listen to Goss

Listen To Goss.

A number of artists release music with no reference to their true identity or even what they look like (no, not Sia) and Denmark’s Goss has been placed firmly in that category. We are assured that is isn’t a Goss from Bros. Originally working in collaboration with a number of Scandinavian artists, this enigmatic producer is now going solo, and we are so thankful for this time to come. The artwork for his online tracks are not giving anything away, an artistic depiction of dismembered body parts adding some ghoul to the mystique.

Currently there are four songs on his Soundcloud, each a genre-meshing mix of electronic pop, synths and disco. The result is a foot-stomping joy. We are eager to see what’s next from this talented writer and producer. To hear for yourself what all our fuss is about, listen to the debut Waterfall and I Want To Know here, as well as more recent tracks Time and Soo Bad.




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