Harrods' White Christmas

Harrods’ White Christmas.

In February last year, only weeks after Christmas, sfd met with Harrods to discuss plans for the next festive season after having worked on its grotto in 2015.

Knowing how renowned Harrods’ Christmas grotto is, 2016’s had to be bigger and better than its predecessors, as it is each year. Challenge accepted.

Fast-forward nine months and 2016’s grotto is ready and open for Father Christmas’s business. Months of planning, intense brainstorming, designing, sampling of everything from faux snow to funfair mirrors, and eventually manufacturing and building under maximum secrecy had gone into the project. And did it achieve the goal? Take a look.

Polar bears resting in cosy igloos were just one of the dream-like scenes that transformed the Knightsbridge space into a winter fairytale, sitting amongst interactive hanging lights, magical wishing trees and a bespoke snow tunnel. Starting in a library scene – decked out with sfd-made realistic books and shelves – a secret door led through a long tunnel of falling snow, past a band stand, the igloos, funfair mirrors that delighted young and old visitors, interactive lights and eventually Santa’s cabin.

Harrods Christmas Grotto by sfdWorking from a design pack, the initial concept was taken from paper to real life, creating a fully immersive, exciting experience that enhanced the visitors’ enjoyment through the tactile and visually impressive walk-through. With the right balance of magic and mechanics – including the bespoke snow tunnel that was a first for both parties, with engineered acrylics and much motor testing needed to ensure the snow fell for a white Christmas – Harrods’ customers from around the world received an unforgettable experience.

2017 has a tough act to follow.

Harrods Christmas Grotto by sfd

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