Charlotte & Fitz mannequin video. We're all just mannequins

We’re all just mannequins.

Acclaimed director, Mike Lee Thomas, worked on two films for Nude Mannequins which were unveiled at EuroShop 2017. The Articulated Head design and the latest range, Charlotte & Fitz, were brought to life in captivating films that are a first for the brand. Watch the Charlotte & Fitz film here.

The range of male and female designs – which was also on display at sfd’s EuroShop stand – takes its name from Nude’s Charlotte Street studio and showroom where it was created in London’s Fitzrovia. Taking inspiration from the current trend for less dramatised mannequins, the poses of Charlotte and Fitz work grouped or in repeated “army” formations to create striking displays.

The elongated but proportioned forms put ease of use at the fore, while showing fashion collections as they are meant to be worn. Available in a range of finishes and bespoke options to suit the brand they will wear, they have been developed to create a smaller environmental impact than traditional mannequin production.

For more information on the Charlotte & Fitz Mannequins, please contact us.

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