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Zospeum Concrete

Zospeum Concrete

Zospeum Concrete.

In a dark cavern in the midst of Dutch Design Week, a large box of concrete stood inconspicuously amongst a sea of bright, shouting exhibitors. Inside, unexpectedly, light permeated what was on the surface a solid concrete wall. Continue reading

Ace and Tate

Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate.

It’s June 2013 and Mark de Lange, along with two partners, has just founded Ace & Tate, the eyewear company that will go on to change the way we buy glasses today. Probably forever. Continue reading




This London-based duo have been making a lot of noise over the past year with the likes of BBC Introducing and Vevo taking notice and featuring this rising musical twosome. Continue reading




Everlane is the brainchild of Michael Preysman, who left his job in venture capital in 2010 to start a business that he wished already existed. Continue reading

New logo for mannequins

Stefan Parsons

Stefan Parsons.

We spent some time and chatted with Stefan Parsons, Nude mannequin development and design manager. Continue reading