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Listen to Leisure

Listen to Leisure

Listen to Leisure.

With summer days just around the corner – we hope – our playlists are starting to favour upbeat, cheerful vibes to take us into long, sunny days and festival season. Kiwi five piece, Leisure, are providing exactly that in a beautiful musical masterpieces. “There were three main things – mean groove, melodies, and not to f**k around and get to the point. Those became our main principles.” The Auckland-based band’s Jaden told Dummy Magazine.  

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In the heart of Warsaw’s fashionable central district, Autor Rooms’ collaborative design approach is bringing architectural flourish to the Polish capital’s hotel portfolio.

The Anti-Hotel Where Architects Stay

The Anti-Hotel Where Architects Stay.

Warsaw-based creative design firm Mamastudio’s foray into hospitality – Autor Rooms, which opened in 2015 – was motivated by the founders’ frustration when attempting to find tasteful accommodation for design-loving friends visiting the city’s fashionable central district from out of town. They partnered with Polish architect Mateusz Baumiller to create a “different place to stay in Warsaw” that would encourage people to share their deep love for the city. Continue reading

12 Best Stationery Shops in London for National Stationery Week

12 Best Stationery Shops in London

12 Best Stationery Shops in London.

We love stationery. Whether it’s a cheap notebook to scribble down the Monday meeting notes or a leather-bound 160gsm journal to document your life plans and memories, a bitten-down Bic or a Montblanc fountain, it is something we use every day. There are few greater satisfactions than getting your hands on some fresh new note-taking materials.

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Milan Design Week camera roll

Our Milan Design Week Camera Roll Pt. 2

Our Milan Design Week Camera Roll Pt. 2.

Part one of our Milan photo diary didn’t give enough page space to fit in all the highlights that we managed to see from Milan Design Week’s 2,000 exhibits. Have a look at what we found – and were inspired by – in part two, here. Continue reading

Terrazzo To Change The World Bentu

Terrazzo To Change The World

Terrazzo To Change The World.

It’s no surprise that China’s strength in production has led the world to rely on the country for the goods it supplies, importing much more from the Far East than we export to it. In 2015, Britain’s trade deficit with China was £19.6 billion, while the US’s was almost 17 times this figure. But with the level of production demands put on the world’s most populous country – as with every large nation – there is a disastrous amount of waste and pollution that goes with it. This is not a hoax, Mr Trump.

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Milan Design Week camera roll

Our Milan Design Week Camera Roll Pt. 1

Our Milan Design Week Camera Roll Pt. 1.

As we rushed around the streets of Milan trying to take in as much of Milan Design Week’s 2,000 exhibits as we could, our camera was at the ready to capture the highlights of our time in Italy’s most populous city. From smoke-filled bubbles and stunning sun-drenched architecture, to culinary temptations and interactive installations, there was inspiration for us to document at every turn. Take a look at part one of our MDW photo diary. Continue reading

As H&M announces the opening of its new brand Arket’s first store this autumn, we look at what to expect and the Swedish giant’s London success story.

H&M Brings Two New Brands to London

H&M Brings Two New Brands to London.


The news of H&M’s latest brand, which we now know to be Arket, hit the press last year, and speculation about what it might be like was rife. Candid Magazine even went as far to suggest that it was their next step to world domination, at least in a retail sense. What we didn’t know then is that H&M’s Weekday brand – the only currently trading brand to not have a London outpost – will also join Arket on London’s Regent Street.

H&M’s success has seen its core brand bear sibling brands like & Other Stories, Monki, Cheap Monday and COS. The new brand – dubbed P11 by the the Swedish HQ until the announcement that it would be named Arket – will open its first store this autumn on London’s Regent Street. Weekday, the modern and ethically mindful fashion and denim brand that offers another branch of Scandi-cool, will open next to Arket. Brand new stores always carry a certain level of risk, but this is not new ground for H&M.
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daniel w fletcher liberty pop up

Daniel W. Fletcher pops up at Liberty

Daniel W. Fletcher pops up at Liberty.

It has been a few weeks since we profiled menswear designer Daniel W. Fletcher, the Central Saint Martins graduate who honed his skills at Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Victoria Beckham and Burberry before launching his own eponymous line. After hosting his own London pop-up in Covent Garden last year, he is celebrating his first UK stockist – the iconic Liberty department store – with a pop-up space in the menswear basement. Continue reading

Listen to Goss

Listen to Goss

Listen To Goss.

A number of artists release music with no reference to their true identity or even what they look like (no, not Sia) and Denmark’s Goss has been placed firmly in that category. We are assured that is isn’t a Goss from Bros. Originally working in collaboration with a number of Scandinavian artists, this enigmatic producer is now going solo, and we are so thankful for this time to come. The artwork for his online tracks are not giving anything away, an artistic depiction of dismembered body parts adding some ghoul to the mystique. Continue reading

Top 6 Milan Design Week Collaborations

Top 6: Milan Design Week Collaborations.

With our love of a collaborative project, as we took in the many installations of Milan Design Week 2017 we were drawn to the interesting collaborations that were taking place throughout the event. We have selected six of our favourites that stood out in the Italian city.

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