sfd branding for Euroshop 2017 Journals for sfd Our House and Nude

Branding at Euroshop.

We went to Düsseldorf with a vision to create a new look sfd Group for the future. Representing this through our stand design, personalities and our projects, we also wanted to confront our branding and ensure that this was a true representation of the group as well as the brands within it. Consistency was one of the biggest challenges throughout the sfd group and we wanted to achieve this for the group, joining sfd up with Our House (our design agency) and Nude (our mannequin studio) while keeping a distinct identity to the groups three branches.

Our tone of voice was one of the most recognisable features at the show; it was intriguing, humorous and individual. Big messages took pride of place on the exterior of the stand and we created a brand language that confidently communicated our message, our passions and our mission. This set the tone for the rest of the branding throughout the space. We didn’t want visitors to the stand to feel caved in, so clever way-finding was key to ensure there was a clear direction to the space, allowing easy self navigation. Graphical navigation features and clean typefaces created an overlay throughout the space that was informative and playful.

sfd branding for Euroshop 2017 Journals for sfd Our House and Nude

This language extended to the journals and lookbooks that were designed as our main take away product. A solid creative vision and months of production allowed for these tasteful and simple books to marry up with the design of the stand. The bag that visitors were given to take away the journals was also considered, designed as a clear, simple but strong tote, it reflected the transparency of the stand and had a similar bold message on its exterior.

sfd branding for Euroshop 2017 Journals for sfd Our House and Nude

Collaboration is hugely important to the sfd Group and it was important that this approach was featured heavily within our space. We wanted all our drinks to be represent our personality, while also representing local areas, so we collaborated with local British and German companies on many of the drinks and Big Hug Brewery in London to design our own bespoke beer. An IPA was generated called Hibernation, sfd developing the label that complemented the space and branding around it.

Even the bar staff’s branded leather aprons and the clean, focused business cards – printed on GF Smith colorplan paper – communicated our vision of our branding’s consistency, identity and considered design.

sfd branding for Euroshop 2017 business card

sfd branding for Euroshop 2017 big hug beer her coffeesfd branding for Euroshop 2017 translucent bag

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