Nude film. This is a mannequin articulated head

This is a Mannequin.

Giving new meaning to “head turner”. Nude unveiled its latest mannequin development – the Articulated Head – with a film at EuroShop. Watch it here.

An original mannequin design by Nude featuring an articulated head that can be tilted into any position – looking up, down or to the side – was unveiled at EuroShop 2017 in a film by acclaimed director Mike Lee Thomas. The unusual mannequin design, a first for the brand, opens up new possibilities for mannequin display, bringing an increased touch of realness to windows and in-store environments. The realistic movement is demonstrated in the film.

Available in male and female forms, the removable head can be attached to any of our range of mannequins or bespoke designs, while the finish is up to you. The spring-loaded system makes movement easy, while keeping it visually seamless.

For more information on the Articulated Head and Nude Mannequins, please contact us.

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