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  • Listen to Mont Jake

    The Danish artist catching the attention of Kanye’s circle and making his way onto our playlists.- read more

  • The Taylor Morris Shack

    Taylor Morris, the London-based premium sunglasses brand celebrates its first standalone pop-up and a collaboration with Morgan Motors- read more

  • Just Do It Yourself

    Nike introduces the first LED running track that allows you to compete against yourself. - read more

  • Ugly & Delicious

    Our new favourite drink for summer, Ugly is turning the fizzy drink industry on its head with its fruit-infused unsweet- read more

  • Paper Bags

    A German start-up has developed a waterproof paper into the rucksack we all want on our backs.- read more

  • Tagra Lights Up RDE

    sfd partners with innovative lighting brand Tagra to create its 2017 stand at the Retail Design Expo in London - read more

  • When Paul Met Erica

    sfd’s CEO Paul Brooks travelled to Japan to meet Erica, the human-like android that may represent the future of retail.- read more

  • Changing Faces

    Watch the video that has taken projection mapping from mannequins onto real faces. - read more

  • Step Inside Raey

    After collaborating with Matches-owned Raey on the brand’s first standalone store, sfd steps inside for a first-look at the West- read more

  • Melbourne Safari Part 2

    We explore more of what’s around the sfd Australia office on a retail safari of Melbourne- read more

  • Listen to Leisure

    New Zealand five piece, Leisure, are providing a unique blend of mean grooves, melodies and synth-funk to lead us into- read more

  • The Anti-Hotel Where Architects Stay

    In the heart of Warsaw’s fashionable central district, Autor Rooms’ collaborative design approach is bringing architectural flourish to the Polish- read more

  • 12 Best Stationery Shops in London

    We love stationery. Whether it’s a cheap notebook to scribble down the Monday...- read more

  • Our Milan Design Week Camera Roll Pt. 2

    In the second half of our highlights at Milan Design Week, see more what inspired us in the Italian city.- read more

  • Terrazzo To Change The World

    A Chinese brand, Bentu Design, is tackling the issue of the four millions tonnes of ceramic waste in the country,- read more

  • Our Milan Design Week Camera Roll Pt. 1

    See what we found at Milan Design Week, from the city architecture and the most impressive installations to the tinier- read more

  • H&M Brings Two New Brands to London

    As H&M announces the opening of its new brand Arket’s first store and the first London outpost of Weekday, we- read more

  • Daniel W. Fletcher pops up at Liberty

    As the brand’s first UK stockist, the iconic department store is hosting a pop-up of the young British designer’s SS17- read more

  • Listen to Goss

    The mysterious Danish musician’s electronic sounds have been playing in the studio this week. - read more

  • Top 6 Milan Design Week Collaborations

    We select our favourite Milan Design Week collaborations, from a green living space to a sci-fi future. - read more

  • Undressing Nude

    Ever thought that mannequins are all the same? Cut to the same mould...- read more

  • Step inside Euroshop

    As the doors opened on the first day of EuroShop 2017, our camera...- read more

  • Branding at Euroshop

    We went to Düsseldorf with a vision to create a new look sfd...- read more

  • Düsseldorf through a lens

    Taking some time away from the hectic EuroShop venue was definitely in need...- read more

  • We’re all just mannequins

    Acclaimed director, Mike Lee Thomas, worked on two films for Nude Mannequins which...- read more

  • Ciao, Milano

    As we edge closer to Milan Design Week, the six day event that...- read more

  • Euroshop sfd party

    As the lights dimmed on day three of EuroShop 2017, sfd decided that...- read more

  • Team sfd at EuroShop 2017

    A candid look at Team sfd’s time at EuroShop 2017 as we made...- read more

  • Euroshop 2017

    We recap on the design of our EuroShop 2017 stand, which gained a...- read more

  • This is a Mannequin

    Giving new meaning to “head turner”. Nude unveiled its latest mannequin development –...- read more

  • Düsseldorf City Guide

    Download our guidebook - a hitlist of the best things to see, buy, drink and eat around Euroshop. - read more

  • Meet Richard Whitaker

    Before he jets off to Euroshop, we take a few minutes to learn more about sfd Group and Our House’s- read more

  • Drinking Helps

    When life serves lemons, drink Lemonaid. Add vodka if required- read more

  • Euroshop Top 6 Restaurants

    Don’t miss these six restaurants on your trip to Düsseldorf. Your stomach will thank us later. - read more

  • Stand Designs

    Explore the materials that have gone into creating our stand at Euroshop 2017, and what to expect in Düsseldorf- read more

  • Listen To Hugh

    Hugh isn’t the frontman of this London band. There isn’t actually anyone named...- read more

  • Our/Vodka

    What do we love more than an entrepreneurial success story and great design? Vodka. - read more

  • Redefining Retail

    Soho House’s The Store Berlin is leading the way in luxury retail and lifestyle, which the perfect mix of commerce- read more

  • Meet the Mannequal

    sfd partners with Sophie Morgan for a BBC feature on the spending power and representation of disabled people in retail- read more

  • Mannequin Stars

    We look behind the scenes of the films Nude will unveil at Euroshop 2017- read more

  • Digital Soul

    Singer-songwriter Jacob Banks is hitting the top of our playlist in the studio this week - read more

  • eyedoo pops up in Marylebone

    We explore the new glasses brand, eyedoo, offering incredibly stylish, affordable glasses that also help the homeless. - read more

  • Smoke & Bubbles

    COS unveils a teaser for its Milan Design Week collaboration with Studio Swine- read more

  • Water In Can

    We turned to innovative water brand, CanO Water, for our Euroshop hydration- read more

  • Not The END

    The menswear success story expands from its Newcastle home and opens a stunning Glasgow flagship- read more

  • Typo Lands in UK

    The Australian stationery brand chooses Stratford as its 200th store location- read more

  • Her

    A coffee house founded by a woman, catering to women. Not for boys, the antidote to the Yorkie, perhaps?- read more

  • Project Runway

    We chart some of the most impressive fashion show sets of recent years.- read more

  • Co-Working Before Dinner

    Spacious is making the co-working revolution even more accessible - read more

  • The LFW Beauty Destination

    Augmented reality app, MakeupPlus, will go from being a virtual destination to a...- read more

  • Will Amazon End Queues?

    When Amazon announced that it was to open a self-service grocery store that promised a no queues, no checkouts, just- read more

  • D.D Dumbo

    Oliver Hugh Perry, more commonly known now as D.D Dumbo, is an Australian...- read more

  • Melbourne Retail Safari

    Here at sfd, we love to get out and see what’s going on in retail. We get the team together,- read more

  • Plastic Smile

    From the Design Museum to Selfridges, we discover the recycled material that designers are turning to.- read more

  • Virtual or Actual Reality

    With our fascination with virtual reality, which we will be using on our...- read more

  • Missguided Goes Wild

    Adopting the rebellious attitude of the brand, Nude created 34 brand new mannequin poses for Missguided’s first store. - read more

  • Parcels

    It’s hard to describe the genre of this five-piece vocal harmony band, but a mixture of funk, pop, electronic, disco- read more

  • Roots Juicery

    Making the ‘new year, new you’ regime taste good and look better- read more

  • Our 6 favourite green interiors

    From turtles in a train station (not those ones!) to a tropical retail paradise from Kanye’s right-hand man.- read more

  • Joshua Kane

    Fitzrovia’s Dandy New Resident- read more

  • London in Paris

    How British brands are shunning the traditional showrooms for a pop-up in Paris. - read more

  • Euroshop 2017

    For Euroshop 2017, we are developing a space that is designed to inform, surprise and inspire.- read more

  • The Future, by IKEA

    sfd discovers SPACE10, the “future-living lab” in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district.- read more

  • Daniel W Fletcher

    From DIY pop-ups to the name on London’s menswear scene that the world is taking notice of.- read more

  • Like a ton of paper

    Changing the way we think about the humble brick, Woojai Lee makes them from newspaper.- read more

  • Helsinki Highlights

    Nobody in their right mind goes to Finland in December. We did. - read more

  • Video: 100% Bloomingdales

    Nude’s new mannequin range, Charlotte & Fitz, makes its debut at Bloomingdale’s- read more

  • Mast

    The New York-based luxury chocolatiers are becoming renowned for design as well as taste.- read more

  • Hello Australia

    sfd has now launched in Australia, take a look at our new neighbourhood. - read more

  • NYC

    Our video captures the highlights of the city that never sleeps. Why would it want to?- read more

  • I & ME

    We meet Jessica Gebhart, founder of I&ME, to talk denim, pop-ups and why fashion doesn’t need a gender.- read more

  • Harrods’ White Christmas

    sfd transforms Harrods’ 2016 grotto into a wintery mix of magic and mechanics.- read more

  • Dutch Design Week

    We explored DDW and found out how the former home of Philips became one of Europe’s design capitals. - read more

  • Victoria’s Secret

    As the biggest, most expensive fashion show on earth moves to Paris, we find out what all the fuss is- read more

  • Zospeum Concrete

    We discover a new translucent concrete that is allowing us to see the traditional building material in new light.- read more

  • Ace & Tate

    The optical brand that is changing the way we buy glasses today and how much we spend on them. - read more

  • Tender

    Listen to the rising London-based duo who are making waves with their sound of dark grooves and deep bass. - read more

  • Everlane

    In five years, Everlane has gone from small online start-up to a big disrupter in ethically conscious retailing. - read more

  • Stefan Parsons

    Nude’s Stefan Parsons tells us about the new Charlotte & Fitz range and his career this far. - read more