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  • Like a ton of paper

    Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, Woojai Lee, was one designer whose work caught our eye at Dutch Design Week 2016. - read more

  • Video: 100% Bloomingdales

    Nude’s latest range - Charlotte & Fitz, that featured in our interview with Stefan Parsons - was debuted in  - read more

  • Daniel W Fletcher

    At last summer’s London Fashion Week Men’s – then called London Collections: Men – a political undertone took over many  - read more

  • Helsinki Highlights

    “Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November.” That was the message given to visitors of The  - read more

  • The Future, by IKEA

    IKEA isn’t the first name that springs to mind when we think about creative spaces and forward-thinking design types, but  - read more

  • Harrods’ White Christmas

    In February last year, only weeks after Christmas, sfd met with Harrods to discuss plans for the next festive season  - read more

  • Hello Australia

    sfd has now officially launched in Australia. Following successful projects over the past 18 months with retailers in Australia and  - read more

  • NYC

    The city that never sleeps has no end of iconic landmarks and symbols, but while the thrill of seeing the  - read more

  • Dutch Design Week

    Eindhoven has grown over the years to its status as one of the Netherlands’ biggest cities, in large part due  - read more

  • Mast

    Mast Brothers, the New York-based chocolate maker whose flagship locations include Los Angeles and Brooklyn as well as East London,  - read more

  • I & ME

    The pop-up concept has become so instilled in the retail landscape now that the opening of a new one in  - read more

  • Zospeum Concrete

    In a dark cavern in the midst of Dutch Design Week, a large box of concrete stood inconspicuously amongst a  - read more

  • Ace & Tate

    It’s June 2013 and Mark de Lange, along with two partners, has just founded Ace & Tate, the eyewear company  - read more

  • Everlane

    Everlane is the brainchild of Michael Preysman, who left his job in venture capital in 2010 to start a business  - read more

  • Tender

    This London-based duo have been making a lot of noise over the past year with the likes of BBC Introducing  - read more

  • Stefan Parsons

    We spent some time and chatted with Stefan Parsons, Nude mannequin development and design manager. - read more

  • Euroshop 2017

    For Euroshop 2017, sfd is developing a space that is designed to inform, surprise and start discussion about the sfd  - read more

  • Victoria’s Secret

    Last month, as Victoria’s Secret geared up for its annual fashion show that took place in Paris’s Grand Palais on  - read more